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Thanksgiving 2005: The new "progressive" haircut

The most adorable little boy in the whole world

A boy and his first dog

Doug and Deb 'mugging' for the camera

Doug and Deb at a Las Vegas Stars baseball game whereupon Doug threw out the first pitch

Doug with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway

Doug and the late, great Steve Allen

Doug and the Exorcist girl, Linda Blair

Doug with Mario Lopez from TV's "Saved by the Bell", and the film
"Breaking the Waves, the Greg Louganis Story"

The Beauty and the Beast: Doug with Linda Hamilton

Doug and Twister's
Bill Paxton


Doug and martial arts/ movie star Mimi Lesseos

Doug with "B" Movie Queen, Maria Ford

Doug and Christopher Lloyd

Doug and the elegant Angie Dickinson

Doug and "A Nightmare on Elm Street's" Robert Englund

Doug with funnyman Leslie Nielsen

Doug with the former Mrs. Tom Cruise, Lost in Space's Mimi Rogers

Doug and Robert Forster

Doug and Dolph Lundgren

Doug and the late Jim Varney

Doug and Jerry Springer

Doug and his tearful re-union with Elian Gonzalez' Father, Juan

Doug with Edward James Olmos
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